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St Donard's

Community Church




Latest COVID-19 Update

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic we are unable to gather as we normally would each Sunday and throughout the week.


However we are looking forward to gathering again, in person for Easter weekend and each Sunday thereafter.

Keeping One Another Safe

In order to keep one another safe we would ask that you note the following.


  • Social distancing will still be in place, meaning you can only sit with those in your household bubble.

  • Hand hygiene and the use of hand sanitiser will still be required upon entry to the church building.

  • Masks must be worn as you enter and exit the building and also while singing (unless medically exempt). While seated masks can taken off.  

  • Need to fill in a Track and Trace slip just in case we need to contact you.

  • Coming into church, please wait to be shown to a seat and when leaving please do so row by row.

  • There will be no standing around inside or outside the church. Again this is all so we can keep one another safe.

  • To help keep one another safe booking is advised and can be done via the events section of our website or by contacting us directly.


We will still try to serve and provide for you the best we can with CD and DVD recordings. However, recordings will no doubt come to you a bit later in the week and they may not be of the same quality that you have been receiving to date. The reason for that is quite simply we don’t have the people nor the resources to have our in person gathering and at the same time record and stream. I would love that to be different but we will do our best to ensure that no one misses out. Contact us if you would like to receive a service recording.

Pastoral support

If you require any help during this time - someone to speak to or pray with please let us know. We are a church family. Please don’t feel as if you’re on your own. Should you wish to chat give us a call on 07841669472

or email us  – please do not hesitate.

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